Hi, I'm Millie.

I'm the artist behind Millielio Dreamland. I'm a painter and jewellery maker, and this is an art store where I get to share my passions with you guys.

Millielio Dreamland is built to influence playfulness in everyday life. An important reminder to always stay curious, especially as adults.

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The Brand
Millielio Dreamland is an art brand launched in 2020 to feed the inner curiosity and playfulness for people of all ages. We make contemporary fine jewellery and art prints digitalized from original acrylic paintings. Wearable and enjoyable art, locally handmade from Mississauga, Ontario.  

The Artist
Millie Chen, the owner and artist behind the brand, wanted to combine her love for both jewellery and painting into one shop. Heavily inspired by her own memories, dreams and travel, all creations are anchored towards surrealism and play. Millie graduated in 2019 from Ontario College of Art & Design's Industrial Design program with a minor in Jewellery Metalsmithing, and continues to enjoy the design process of creating new products for Millielio Dreamland. 

Art Prints
Each art print is created from an original acrylic painting made by Millie. She photographs the painting in high resolution, and then imports the photograph to Photoshop/Lightroom to edit for digital printing. During this process, colour is calibrated for the printer to make sure the original colour matches that of the reproduction. Currently, all prints are made at Millie's home studio where she overlooks this entire production line. 

Every metal component from each jewellery piece is 100% sterling silver. Millie uses only freshwater pearls and quality gemstones she selects in person at jewellery expos. Designs with silver wire forms are all handmade by Millie as well, where she uses the process metal forming with a rivet-hammering finish. Because everything is made by hand, wire forms will look slightly different in person than in the product photo. 


How to pronounce Millielio

Say Millie.
Say Elio.
Then put it together as one word...Millie-el-lio. Millielio!

(Elio comes from a book and movie character that earmarked a moment when I was inspired to make art again)